Sir Noble Jabu Unequa Ganodu (Synergy)

Sir Noble Jabu Unequa Ganodu (Synergy)


Sir Noble Jabu Unequa Ganodu (Synergy)

Synergy, also known as Sir Noble Jabu Unequa Ganodu, is a Creative and Social Entrepreneur, an Artist, Writer, Performer, Instructor, as well as a liaison between residents and leaders who share his deeply rooted commitment to the
health and wellness of the community. Synergy is the writer of the poetic lyrical presentation titled The People Gotta Eat (TPGE). TPGE was originally written by Synergy through the Indianapolis Museum of Art and Newfields Community Meal. Synergy was the Newfields Community Meal keynote speaker in 2019. Synergy musically recorded TPGE by way of Community Action of Greater Indianapolis
(CAGI) WE CANN CHAT program (also in 2019).

Synergy is a part of the fabric across the east and west sides of 38th Street and within the Midtown ared, having been reared in the Butler-Tarkington neighborhood. Synergy began working as a volunteer, and later as an associate, for several of the markets, local
farms, and local grocery stores around the city after realizing the impact of food deserts and social injustice in neighborhoods throughout Indianapolis.

Synergy’s long-standing desire to contribute in uplifting his community is now manifesting in his efforts to bring healthy options in food and personal goods to the residents, while supporting small businesses to promote their goods.

Synergy is currently attending Martin University for the purpose of receiving a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and a Business Certification for Grocery Retail Management. Synergy especially selected Martin University because of this specific program. Synergy is anticipating completing this certification to help him achieve his goal to open up a grocery store (in the Indianapolis, Midtown – Butler Tarkington area called the Midtown City Market & Gallery, LLC. Amongst other goals, Synergy plans to receive his Master’s degree in Organizational Leadership.

Synergy aka Sir Noble Jabu Unequa Ganodu is the current President of Midtown Writers Association and Kafe’ Kuumba Open Mic, The
longest running poetry open mic organization in the City and State.