Maurice Broaddus

Maurice Broaddus

  • Indianapolis, IN

Maurice Broaddus

“I do two things: write and work for the
improvement of my community”


I do a lot of community development work. My passions have always included social justice, economic equity, and racial reconciliation,
which is why I work at The Oaks Academy Middle School and do work for community organizations like the Kheprw Institute. Most of my work centers around the 46208 zip code (one of the “worst” zip codes in the country). We specialize in Asset Based Community Development, finding the gifts and talents within the community and networking them to improve the quality of the community.
Broaddus has been published in Tales from Wakanda, Weird Tales, Magazine of F&SF, and Uncanny Magazine. His books include the
sci-fi novel Sweep of Stars; the steampunk works, Buffalo Soldier and Pimp My Airship; and the middle grade detective novels, The Usual Suspects and Unfadeable. His project, Sorcerers, is being adapted as a television show for AMC. He’s an editor at Apex Magazine. Learn more at

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